Why shouldn’t you get yourself a pet, 7 good reasons telling you why!!!

Why shouldn’t you get yourself a pet, 7 good reasons telling you why!!!

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1. Your punctuality is a matter of concern
You must be thinking how on earth will punctuality affect your soon to be pet, but let me tell you,Animals strictly follow their routines, and if they are somehow disturbed, various health issues may come up. If you have a habit of always getting late to places, if you have to rush every morning, then you must postpone the idea of getting yourself a pet, because tending to pets take time, ample amount of  patience is required.   You simply wouldn’t like to miss out giving food to your pet just because you had to immediately rush to a meeting. You cannot cut short the outdoor playtime of your pet as per your convenience.  

2. You depend on others for daily chores
Just owning a pet is not what you would have had in your mind, getting emotionally attached to your pet is the real deal. Also, this relationship should not be a one sided affair. Now, the question arises, how to make your pet open up to you, how to ensure that it is not merely surviving, but truly enjoying our company. In case of animals, the only way to make them realize our love to them is by taking care of them, attending to their daily needs, spending time with them, going on walks with it. If incase you are of the kinds, that only have to yell “amma” to get all your things done, then forget about bringing home a pet. Because if you do so, after some time your “JOSH” will wear off, and you’ll ask your amma or your maid to take care of your pet, and that day onwards it will no longer be your pet. It may still play with you, it would become a mere plaything for you, but the spark of love will diminish, the love of the kind of between a father and a son.

3. You are a chain smoker
You are expert in making smoky rings, and you always need to juggle a thin stick in your fingers, then you are the perfect example of a person who shouldn’t even think of getting g himself a pet. Researches have been made, and some rock solid conclusions are brought up-
“In homes where cats were exposed to smoking for five years or more, the cats’ cancer risk tripled, and in homes with two smokers, the cancer risk to the cats quadrupled.”

“Dogs who live with smokers are much more likely to get nasal cancer and lung cancer, both of which usually have a grim prognosis.”

“Pet birds are hypersensitive to environmental contaminants and can develop pneumonia, lung cancer, and problems with their eyes, skin and heart when exposed to smoke.”
Also discarded butts and tobacco products left within reach of pets may lead to nicotine toxicity and other gastrointestinal problems if eaten up.

4. You have anger issues
Before getting a pet for yourself, have a brief look at your past, and determine whether you suffer from anger issues or not, because if you do, then continue breaking and throwing stuff in your home, but don’t go out looking for a pet.  PETA would find you and kill you, even if you try to take out your anger on the innocent pet (use angerbanger.com instead).  a cute little kitten cannot make out when you are in a bad mood, or when you had a rough day, like always, it would crawl up to you, it would try to climb up on you, at that instant if unintentionally you shoo it away or yell at it, or maybe worse throw something on it, it could cause physical pain to the pet, or even worse it may induce fear in it. And the day when your own pet starts fearing from you will be the day when you will feel ashamed of yourself for treating your lovely pet in such a harsh manner. So, for the benefit of both the parties, clear off the idea of a pet from your mind.

5. You simply hate physical workout
Pets, especially dogs demand for certain amount of physical effort by the owner.
A dog needs to get proper exercise by walking or jogging to prevent undesired behaviors triggered by the pent-up energy. Also good exercise leads to muscle growth, mental alertness, prevent obesity and strengthen its bone and cardiovascular system. If you are afraid of getting out on foot, if you can’t walk or jog with your soon to be pet, then don’t take pain in going to a pet shop too. You in no way can dodge from doing all this physical work that your pet requires, a pet is like a small child, who needs to be told what’s good for them, they need to be properly held.   

6. You appreciate utmost silence every time
You like to keep to yourself, you don’t like being disturbed until it is extremely important, you turn off your cell when you go to sleep, u wear earphones just to cancel out the outside chatter, then you must consider the fact that, along with a lovely pet, comes a lot of sounds and noises, and all kinds of stuff fall, making odd noises at odd hours.  You love playing with pets, but are you really okay with all the noises, all day long. You cannot lock your pet when you are trying to concentrate on something, you cannot tie a strap around its mouth, and a pet is a life form which you cannot control without being harsh. If you fall under this criterion, then my suggestion to you would be to spend some time with your friend’s or your neighbor’s pet, but not getting one for yourself. It’s for your own good.

7. You are getting a pet because all good families have pets
If you are one of those people, who look into others homes even more than they look into their own, if you care about how other people think of you even more then what you think of yourself, if you are thinking of getting a pet, a very rare one, just to see the eyebrows of onlookers shoot up, then I must plead to you, not to commit such heinous act, pets are not showpieces, they are not your personal properties even if you have bought them. Pets deserve lots and lots of love, and if you can’t, provide them that, then forget about getting one. Because if you get one, its condition would be even worse than the hungry stray animals, hungry body can survive, but a heart deprived of love dies a slow painful death. 

After going through the above mentioned attributes, if you one hundred percent feel that you don’t possess any of those, then only, in my opinion should you opt for getting a pet in your home, in your life. A pet is not merely an animal, but it is a soul, of purest kinds, sees to it that you never cause any harm to them.

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