10 Quick facts about German Shepherd

10 Quick facts about German Shepherd

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German Shepherd dogs are intelligent and fun loving dogs. Here are 10 quick facts about German Shepherd dogs.

• Origination: Originated in Germany. Captain Max von Stephanitz breeded the first German Shepherd back in 1899 as a mix of old breeds of herding and farm dogs.

 Life Span : Average life span of 10-14 years

• Weight : Usually German shepherds weigh around 22 to 40 Kg’s

• Gestation: They usually have a gestation period of 60-65 Days.

• Popularity: They are one of the most popular dogs. Infact according to the AKC registration numbers, this flamboyant breed is actually the second most popular dog in the United States.
• Sniffers: They are quite helpful in sniffing bombs and drugs. They are exclusively trained for police use.

• Guide Dogs: They are used as guide dogs for Blind people.

• They are also known as Alsatian Wolf dogs

• Diseases: they are prone to diseases such as Elbow and hip dysplasia, haemophilia, gastric disorders etc. High care should be taken care of their diets and exercise.

• Energetic: They are highly energetic breeds. So if you are a lazy person, German shepherd is not your cup of tea. They love walking, exercise and playing out.

Overall they are a fun loving, energetic and an extremely intelligent dog to have.